Taylorcraft Daze

The history, diary, thoughts, and opinions of an Iowa Taylocraft pilot. The postings will be heavy in the areas of flying Taylorcraft Aircraft, Formation Flying, Flights throughout the Great United States, and other flying activities.

Friday, January 13, 2006


TAYLORCRAFT, BC12D, AIRPLANE SINGLE ENGINE LAND, D.O.M. 11-26-1945, Serial Number: 6564

Taylorcraft Aviation Corporation, 14600 Commerce Avenue, N.E., Alliance, Ohio 44601

Owner and Pilot, Lee C. Bowden, Revised: April 16, 2003


Operating Check List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Emergency Landing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

Specifications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Weight and Balance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

Range . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

Flight Suggestions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

Taylorcraft – N39911, Operating Check List

Before Entering the Aircraft:

(1) Tie downs—Remove
(2) Aileron Linkage Openings—Remove plastic plugs, (bird nests?)
(3) Exhaust—Remove absorbent
(4) Chocks—Remove
(5) Pitot Tube—Check opening
(6) Windshield—Clean
(7) Oil—Check, three to four quarts, (leaks?)
(8) Fuel Shut Off—On position, (leaks?)
(9) Fuel—Drain, check for color (blue tint), contamination, and water
(10) Fuel Tanks—Check for capacity, cowl 12 gallons and right wing 6 gallons (Note: Transfer fuel after 90 minutes of flight)
(11) Controls—Remove seat belt lock
(12) Ignition—Check off position (Note: Remove keys when not in use)
(13) Control surfaces—Check for freedom of movement and security, (bird nests?)
(14) Tires—Check for proper inflation, 20 – 30 pounds of pressure
(15) Propeller—Check for nicks and security
(16) Aircraft—Free of frost, ice, and snow
(17) Cowling—Secure
(18) Baggage—Secure, baggage capacity 50 pounds (Note: Baggage allowed only if within total weight limitations)

After Entering Aircraft:

(1) Doors—Close and secure
(2) Windows—Close and secure
(3) Seat Belts—Fasten
(4) Required Documents—In order:
a. Airworthiness Certificate
b. Limitations
c. Registration, Federal
d. Registration, State of Iowa
(5) Altimeter—Set at field elevation or AWOS
(6) Tachometer Time—Record
(7) Wrist Watch Time—Record or set
(8) Timer Count Up Time—Begin
(9) Density Altitude—Compute
(10) Fuel--Compute
(11) Weight and Balance—Compute
a. Fuel in cowl tank—72 pounds
b. Fuel in right wing tank—36 pounds
c. Oil capacity—One gallon, 7.5 pounds
d. Useful Load—447 pounds
e. Total Fuel and Oil—115.5 pounds
f. Remaining Useful Load—331.5 pounds
g. Less Pilot—190 pounds
h. Passenger—141.5 pounds
i. Baggage—50 pounds, NOTE: Baggage allowed only if within total weight limitations
(12) Radio, NAV / COM, Sporty’s JD-200—On
(13) Inter-comm, Sigtronics Transcom II—On
(14) GPS, Garmin 195 Map—On
(15) Headsets, David Clark—On

Starting the Engine:

(1) Wheels—Chocked if solo
(2) Switch—Off position
(3) Brakes—Applied
(4) Control Wheel—Full back
(5) Throttle—Closed position or cracked 1/8 inch (Note: Closed is rearward position)
(6) Carburetor Heat Control—Cold or forward
(7) Fuel—On
(8) Reserve—Off
(9) Prime—Two times if engine is cold
(10) Prop—Switch off, pull six blades
(11) Contact—Ignition on both magnetos
(12) Prop—Pull and step away fast
(13) Oil Pressure—Up within 30 seconds at 30 pounds of pressure (range 10 – 40)
(14) If engine fails to start, the above procedure varies


(1) Speed—Maximum of 800 r.p.m.
(2) Visibility—Make “S” turns for maximum forward visibility
(3) Braking—Minimum required
(4) Elevator—Control wheel full back, neutral position if there is a tail wind
(5) Ailerons—Position for quartering winds

Take Off:

(1) Oil Temperature--Warm, 120 degrees Fahrenheit
(2) Carburetor Heat--Cold
(3) Power--Full throttle
(4) Trim--Nose down slightly
(5) Elevator--Control wheel forward
(6) Lift Off--55 mph

Cross Wind Take Off:

(1) Keep windward main gear securely on the runway with ailerons until a positive lift off speed has been attained
(2) Maintain alignment with the runway with the rudder
(3) After liftoff crab into the wind to maintain runway alignment and / or directional control

Short Field Take Off:

(1) Use all available runway
(2) Raise tail as soon as possible
(3) Climb at 65 m.p.h. until clear of obstacle

Soft Field Take Off:

(1) Raise the tail just off of surface
(2) Maintain a climb attitude
(3) Remain in ground effect after lift off before climb out
(4) Airspeed—65-70 m.p.h. (66 or 67 ideal)


(1) Airspeed—65 – 70 m.p.h. (66 or 67 ideal)
(2) Power—Full throttle
(3) Carburetor Heat—Cold


(1) Power—2,150 r.p.m.
(2) Trim—Adjust
(3) Airspeed—92 – 105 m.p.h.

Let Down:

(1) Power—As desired, in cold weather maintain 1,500 r.p.m.
(2) Carburetor Heat—Full on
(3) Airspeed—65 – 70 m.p.h. or as desired
(4) Rate of Decent—300 – 500 f.p.m.

Before Landing:

(1) Carburetor Heat—Full on, always apply full heat before closing the throttle
(2) Fuel--Check
(3) Trim—Nose up two turns
(4) Airspeed—Approach 60 m.p.h., gusting winds approach airspeed 70 m.p.h.

Balked Landing:

(1) Power—Full
(2) Carburetor Heat—Cold
(3) Trim—Nose down two turns
(4) Airspeed—65-70 m.p.h.

Normal Landing:

(1) Touchdown—Tail wheel first
(2) Airspeed at Touchdown—45 m.p.h.
(3) Landing Roll—Control wheel full back
(4) Braking—Minimum required

Cross Wind Landing:

(1) To maintain alignment with the runway you may use: (a) the slip, (b) the crab, or (c) a combination of both
(2) Keep the windward wing down and into the wind with lots of aileron control during the flare
(3) Prior to touch down maintain alignment with the runway with necessary rudder control Keep windward wing sharply down and into the wind with the ailerons
(4) Keep the windward main gear only securely on the runway with the ailerons
(5) In severe wind conditions a wheel landing may be an option
(6) Limit cross-wind landings to a 10 m.p.h. 90 degree cross wind
(7) Continue to be vigilant until the aircraft has stopped

Emergency Landing:

(1) Check fuel, reserve tank on
(2) Check for carburetor icing, apply full carburetor heat
(3) Immediately establish best glide angle
(4) Use trim, two turns of nose up
(5) Maintain an air speed of 65 – 70 m.p.h.
(6) Select a field into the wind
(7) If row crops, land with the rows
(8) Remain close to the field by circling if you have sufficient altitude
(9) Aim for the far side of the field to give yourself a margin for error
(10) Turn ignition off
(11) Turn fuel off
(12) Tighten your seat belts

Short Field Landing:

(1) Trim for slower than normal approach speed
(2) Use a full stall, three-point landing
(3) Braking, as necessary
(4) May wish to turn upon roll out

Soft Field Landing:

(1) Trim for slower than normal approach speed
(2) Use a full stall, three-point landing
(3) Use a power-on approach and touch down of about 1,500 r.p.m.

Wheel Landing:

(1) Do not use trim
(2) Set power at 1,500 r.p.m.
(3) Assume a slight nose down attitude
(4) When wheels contact the surface immediately apply forward control wheel pressure
(5) Maintain forward control wheel pressure until the tail wheel drops on its own
(6) Then, maintain back control wheel pressure as in a normal three-point landing

After Landing:

(1) Control Wheel—Full back
(2) Carburetor Heat—Cold
(3) Trim—Nose down two turns
(4) Wing tank—Off position
(5) Radio—Off
(6) Inter-comm—Off
(7) GPS Garmin 195 Map—Off

Securing Aircraft:

(1) Ignition—Off
(2) Key—Remove from ignition
(3) Fuel Shut Off—Off
(4) Controls—Secured back with left-hand side seat belt or bungee cord around throttle base
(5) Wheels—Chocked
(6) Tie downs—Secure, tie to the strut and ring
(7) Aileron Linkage Openings—Plugged with plastic
(8) Exhaust—Plugged with absorbent
(9) Tachometer Time—Recorded
(10) Flight Time—Recorded
(11) Stop Watch Timer—Recorded
(12) Air Vents—Closed
(13) Fuel Caps—Install rain proof fuel caps
(14) Flight Plan—Closed

Taylorcraft N39911 Specifications


(1) Gross Weight—1,200 pounds
(2) Take Off Run—640 feet, actual
(3) Take Off Distance Over a 50 Foot Obstacle—1,280
(4) Best Rate of Climb Speed—66-67 m.p.h.
(5) Best Angle of Climb Speed—65 est.
(6) Rate of Climb—500 feet per minute for the first three minutes at full power and gross weight
(7) Service Ceiling—14,000 feet plus, actual test.
(8) Absolute Ceiling—15,100 feet
(9) Top Speed—130 m.p.h.
(10) Cruising Speed—92 – 105 m.p.h.
(11) Cruising Speed Optimum Altitude—3,000 feet?
(12) Instructional Power Cruise Speed—85 m.p.h.
(13) Fuel Consumption—4.2 – 4.25 g.p.h.
(14) Cruising Range—389.62 miles, no reserve
Note: When fuel gauge indicator (wire) rests on the fuel cap, 2.4 gallons (legal reserve) remains in the cowl (main) tank
(15) Stalling Speed—45 m.p.h.
(16) Landing Roll—640 feet, actual
(17) Empty Weight—750 pounds
(18) Useful Load—447 pounds
(19) Payload—156.5, full fuel
(20) Landing Roll Over 50 Foot Obstacle—1,280 feet?

Power Plant:

(1) Engine—Continental A 65-8, A.T.C. 205
(2) Rated Horsepower and Speed—65 h.p. at 2,300 r.p.m.
(3) Bore—3 7/8 inches
(4) Stroke—3 5/8 inches
(5) Displacement—171 cubic inches
(6) Compression Ratio—6.3 – 1
(7) Dry Weight—742.5 Pounds?
(8) Oil Capacity—Four Quarts, 7.5 pounds
(9) Propeller—Fixed pitch, diameter, 7443, reconditioned at 72 inches, with round tips, power prop, ACE balanced

Fuel and Oil:

(1) Fuel Capacity (U.S. gallons) standard—12 at –9
(2) Fuel Capacity (U.S. gallons) reserve—6 at +24
(3) Oil Capacity (quarts)—4 at –21
(4) Fuel, Aviation Grade (minimum octane)—recommended 73, permissible 80 / 87, available 100 / 130 LL, auto fuel ok in an emergency
(5) Fuel Rate—4.25 g.p.h.
(6) Fuel Rate—Current best at 3.9 g.p.h.


(1) Maximum Baggage—50 pounds at +40
(2) Baggage—Cubic feet, xxxxx

(1) Two Seats—at +23


(1) Wing Span—36 feet
(2) Wing Area—Square feet, 183?
(3) Wing Loading—Pounds per square foot, 6.557?
(4) Length—21 feet, 9 inches
(5) Height—78 inches
(6) Power Loading—Pounds per horsepower—18.4615
(7) Wing Chord—63 inches
(8) Dihedral—One degree

Landing Gear:

(1) Wheel Base—6 Feet, 2 inches
(2) Wheel Tread—Feet, xxxxx
(3) Tire Pressure—Main 29, tail wheel none
(4) Tires—6.00 x 6, 2 ply
(5) Tail Wheel—6 x 200

Magnetos—75 r.p.m. drop at 1,800 r.p.m.

Carburetor—At 2,150, drop not less than 75 r.p.m., drop not more than 200 r.p.m., 100 r.p.m. drop at full throttle, 2,200 static r.p.m.


(1) Red Line—2,300 r.p.m.
(2) Cruising—2,150 r.p.m.
(3) Maintain Altitude—1,500 r.p.m.
(4) Idle—550-600 r.p.m. with carburetor heat off


(1) Oil Change—Every 20 – 25 hours
(2) Oil Temperature—120 - 175 degrees
(3) Oil Pressure—Range 10 – 35 pounds, 30 is normal
(4) Oil Temperature—Red line, 220 degrees Fahrenheit
(5) Oil Temperature—Green Arc, 120 – 220 degrees Fahrenheit
(6) Oil Temperature—Yellow Arc, 40 – 120 degrees Fahrenheit
(7) Oil Brand and Weight—Phillips 66, X / C Aviation Multiviscosity Oil SAE 20W-50, Blue Container, One U.S. Quart

Air Speeds:

(1) Red Line—130 m.p.h.
(2) Cruise—92 – 105 m.p.h.
(3) Climb—66 – 67 m.p.h.
(4) Glide—65 – 70 m.p.h.
(5) Approach—60 m.p.h., gusting wind 70 m.p.h.
(6) Stall—45 m.p.h.
(7) Lift Off—50 – 55 m.p.h.
(8) Maneuvering—90 m.p.h. or 1.7 X 45 = 76.5

Weight and Balance:

Empty Weight—753 pounds
Gross Weight—1,200 pounds
Useful Load—447 pounds
Baggage—50 pounds at +40
Fuel Tank Standard—12 gallons, 72 pounds, at –9
Fuel Tank Reserve—6 gallons, 36 pounds, at +24
Total Fuel—18 gallons at 108 pounds
Oil—One gallon, 7.5 pounds, at –21
Pilot—One, 180 pounds, at +23
Passenger—One, 144 pounds, at +23
Datum—Leading edge of wing
Center of Gravity Range--+14.5 to +19.7 OR +14.8 to +17.9


Gross weight, 1,200 pounds; zero wind, NO RESERVE


2,150 92 4.25 4.235 389.62 18

2,150 92 4.25 2.823 259.71 12

2,150 92 4.25 1.411 129.81 6

2,150 95 4.25 4.235 402.32 18

Flight Suggestions:

(1) Bring your camera
(2) Fly over your home
(3) Fly over your business
(4) Fly over your church
(5) Fly over your school
(6) Fly over your town
(7) Fly over your friends home
(8) Television towers, 2,000 feet
(9) Fly over Backbone State Park
(10) Fly over Mississippi River
(11) Find the White Tail Deer
(12) Find Turkeys
(13) Experience hands on controls
(14) High speed runway pass
(15) Power off glide
(16) High speed dive, 120 m.p.h.
(17) Steep turns, 60 degrees, experience “Two G” force
(18) Stalls, power on
(19) Stalls, power off
(20) Chandelles
(21) Cut Paper
(22) Break balloons
(23) Experience weightlessness
(24) Airport Visit
(25) $100 Hamburger
(26) Climb to altitude, one mile high
(27) Arlington radar installation
(28) Bombing run
(29) Amish Community
(30) Fontana Park


Competition Sport Bombing Run:

(1) Altitude—Maintain 200 feet AGL
(2) Speed—80 m.p.h.
(3) R.P.M.—Adjust
(4) Head Wind—Adjust
(5) Wind Drift—Adjust
(6) Lead Time—Ground reference
(7) Release—Coordinate
(8) Reference Points—Plan ahead

Competition Spot Landing:

(1) Power—Idle, 600 r.p.m.
(2) Judged By—Main wheels contact point
(3) Technique—Short field
(4) Approach Speed—Less than normal

En Route Monitor:

(1) Traffic
(2) Radio
(3) GPS
(4) Weather
(5) MEA
(6) MOA
(7) Temperatures
(8) Winds
(9) Fuel
(10) Visibility

Compass Card:

For Steer
000 N 004
045 NE 040
090 E 093
135 SE 140
180 S 180
225 SW 225
315 NW 315
June 9, 2001

The End


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Great ships. Keep them flying!

Josh, caretaker of:
NC24369 #1705

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