Taylorcraft Daze

The history, diary, thoughts, and opinions of an Iowa Taylocraft pilot. The postings will be heavy in the areas of flying Taylorcraft Aircraft, Formation Flying, Flights throughout the Great United States, and other flying activities.

Saturday, December 31, 2005


I BELIEVE in flying, man’s noble inheritance from the Supreme Being that enables me to view the wonders of the Universe from a high vantage point, exceeded only by infinity. Through this experience I learn humility in the knowledge that I am but one of insignificance among many who are truly great.

I KNOW that the upper trade winds, as they blow, may slow my progress through the sky while they enhance the ground speed of another on the opposite heading, but that I may benefit on the return flight.

I BELIEVE, that man was destined to fly and I have wings. May these wings chart the course toward an unclouded horizon and the betterment of generations yet to come.