Taylorcraft Daze

The history, diary, thoughts, and opinions of an Iowa Taylocraft pilot. The postings will be heavy in the areas of flying Taylorcraft Aircraft, Formation Flying, Flights throughout the Great United States, and other flying activities.

Friday, December 30, 2005


Quite often on Friday the retired and semi-retired "movers and shakers" show up at the local coffee cafe for some "R & R." When most are in attendance, there are about 14 of us. There is usually a lively discussion on topics ranging from: World, State, and Local issues with many problems being solved. Both the coffee and camaraderie is great. The cafe staff is a great deal of fun as well. Who pays for coffee is a ritual determined by quessing two digits chosen by someone, like myself, within the serial numbers on a two dollar bill. The guesses get narrowed down fast by the high and low numbers called out. It is a good idea to decide how many rounds will be played before the contest begins. A few of the fellows even tolerate conversations regarding aviation. One is a part owner of a Cessna 182. One has owned aircraft projects. One took lessons years ago, but never completed the process for a private ticket. Several have flown with me in the Taylorcraft. And, I do believe that a few more may going flying in the Taylorcraft some fine day. I appreciate all who help with my mission to introduce people to the wonderful "Realm of Flight."


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