Taylorcraft Daze

The history, diary, thoughts, and opinions of an Iowa Taylocraft pilot. The postings will be heavy in the areas of flying Taylorcraft Aircraft, Formation Flying, Flights throughout the Great United States, and other flying activities.

Saturday, December 31, 2005


‘Twas the night before Christmas
The planes quiet and still.
Their hangar was cozy
With no space to fill.

They dreamed as they slept
Of warm breezes, blue skies.
These five little Taylorcraft
So gentle and wise.

Then suddenly the door
To the hangar swung wide.
And in strode Santa Claus
Nine reindeer at his side.

“I’m in trouble, little planes.
I’m not finished with my work!
A satellite TV dish
Tore the sleigh with a jerk!”

“My reindeer are tired
And the sleigh needs repaired.
If I’m late getting home,
Mrs. Claus will be scared!”

So Red called a huddle.
He’s the leader all right.
With the other four planes,
Green, Brown, Blue and White.

We’ll help you, Santa!
Fix your sleigh here inside!
We’ll load up your presents
And finish your ride!”

The reindeer picked a corner
Of the hangar to sleep
While the packages were transferred.
There’s a schedule to keep!

One by one Santa propped them,
The five brave little planes.
“Watch out for those TFRs!
They’ve been giving me pains!”

“60 indicated should do it.
V-formation would be best.
Pretend it’s a test-run
For a pumpkin-drop contest!”

So with Red in the lead
They took off into the night.
And soon they formed up,
Green, Brown, Blue and White.

They flew well, and flew safe
With a gentle bank, turn and roll.
Delivering presents with love
It was the Christmas Patrol!

Soon their mission was done
Just reserves in their tanks.
Red called “Let’s go home!”
And White whispered “Thanks!”

They peeled off single file
For their landings in the grass
Seeing Santa on the ramp
As they each filed past.

“You’ve done a great job
And I’m ready to go!
If anyone should ask,
I’ll sure let them know.”

“How five little planes
One cold Christmas Eve
Gave up their warm berth
So Santa could leave.”

A fond tap on the spinner
As he wished each plane goodnight
Except for the White one
“Remember . . . keep it tight!”

Then Santa was gone
With a whoosh and a scurry.
His flight plan was filed
He was in a big hurry.

“Merry Christmas little Taylorcraft!”
Echoed back through the night.
“Merry Christmas, Santa Claus,
And have a safe flight!”


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